Why Customer Data Is So Important To Growing A Restaurant Business

Any restaurant business will tell you that customer data is important. But exactly why is it so important? Well, to start, customer data can give you a snapshot of who your customers are – their addresses, contact information, spending habits, etc. Armed with this information, you can create targeted marketing campaigns specifically geared toward these customers. Accurately tracking customer data is a powerful tool for growing a restaurant business. By leveraging on customer data, restaurateurs can provide a premium dining experience to patrons.

The Data Types That Are Collected

The FoodVillage food ordering platform collects critical data about your business besides a customer’s name, mobile and email address. Some of which include:

  1. Login type: Facebook, Google or Guest
  2. Customer ID verification (available with the age restriction feature)
  3. Customer’s birthdate (available with the age restriction feature)
  4. When a customer’s account was first created
  5. When a customer last visited your outlet
  6. Total number of sessions (visits)
  7. Total number and value of purchases
  8. Total redeemed promotions
  9. A customer’s purchase history

How This Data Can Help You With Your Business

You are only limited to your imagination when it comes to marketing with the customer profile you have gained. Restaurants can use customer data to create targeted marketing campaigns. Here are some ideas you could adopt:

1. Know when a customer is due for another visit

Knowing when your customer last visited or purchased, for example, will enable you to know when a customer is due for another visit or purchase.

2. Reward high and frequent spenders

Send an exclusive in-store invitation to your high spenders or most frequent customers. This will not only make them feel special and noticed, it gives you another opportunity to bring them into the store to dine with you again. And since you know that they tend to spend more, you can provide high-value exclusive deals for them.

3. Identify promotion hunters

There are some customers who have a high tendency to fall for discounts and promotions. Knowing who they are will ensure that you are able to target them specifically resulting in high conversion rates.

4. Provide a personalised brand experience

If a restaurant knows that a customer likes spicy food, they can send them a coupon for their next visit that includes a discount on their favourite spicy dish.

Studies have found that 63% of consumers look for a personalised experience when dealing with a brand. This may come in the form of knowing their food preferences and simply greeting them by name.

You Have Exclusive Ownership Of Your Customer Data

At FoodVillage your customer data belongs to your business. We believe this data is confidential and we do not farm this data nor do we analyse it.

Restaurants can use customer data to improve their marketing and advertising efforts, as well as to make better decisions about their menu and pricing. By signing up as a merchant, you can grow and gain access to your own customer data. This data can help you make more informed decisions about your restaurant and how to best serve your customers.

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