Customisable Discount Coupon Features That Drive Sales

FoodVillage is the perfect platform to not only drive sales and increase revenue with discount coupons but they can also be customized to fit the requirements of your restaurant business. In this article, you will learn the top discount coupon features that will help you acquire new customers and increase sales from existing customers.

1. Free Delivery Threshold

One of the best ways to drive sales is to offer free delivery. With the commissions saved with FoodVillage, you will have sufficient margins to drive such an offer. Besides, as a restauranteur, you are the one that determines how much a customer spends before a customer receives that reward.

FoodVillage allows restauranteurs to set the delivery range of every single outlet at any time to control the cost implications of the free delivery offer.

2. Members-Only Discounts Coupons

Give reason for your customers to keep coming back and turn regular customers into loyal ones with a members-only discount. Set your discounts to only work for customers that log in during the purchase.

3. Open or Time-Bound Discounts Coupons

Set discount codes to start and end at a given date and time. You can do so in advance, which helps for example, if a promo starts at midnight. If a discount code is set without date parameters, then the discount will be effective until it is deactivated.

4. Discount Codes By Percentage or Value

FoodVillage provides the option to set discounts by percentage or a fixed price. Store managers can set this in combination with other parameters such as minimum spend, or designation to a dish or order type.

5. Order Type Discounts Coupons

Designate discounts to a single or multiple order types, such as pickups, deliveries or dine-ins. Get even more granular by setting it to now orders, order later or both. This discount type can be used to promote a certain order type to encourage more now deliveries for example.

6. Payment Methods Discounts Coupons

If you have multiple payment options, you can choose to provide discounts to a certain payment type you prefer. Restauranteurs can encourage customers to pay by cash by giving dine-in customers a special discount for paying in cash or via QR.

7. Setting Limitations To Discounts Coupons

If you wish to drive sales with discounts but desire to control the number of redemptions per person to one, simply turn on the Single Redemption option. Allowing only logged-in customers adds another layer of limitation to prevent abuse of a particular discount code.

The advantage of driving a members-only discount promotion encourages customers to provide their data such as their name, email, mobile and delivery address.

8. Auto-Triggered Coupon-Free Discounts Coupons

Entering discount coupons can be a hassle sometimes, from typing difficult coupon codes to not recalling the discount code. With FoodVillage discount codes, you can switch on the option to automatically trigger discount codes depending on the customer behaviour you wish to receive. Here are some customer shopping behaviours you can reward with this feature to trigger discounts:

  • Cart value threshold – when a customer spends more than the desired value
  • Specific dish or menu purchases – when a customer adds a dish or dishes from a specific menu
  • Member’s only discount – when a customer logs in to shop (and provides you with customer data)
  • Order type – when a specific or multiple order types are selected
  • Payment type
  • Logged-in customers only

The FoodVillage food and beverage ordering platform empowers restaurant owners to run their sales and marketing promotions with a wide range of discount coupon features. This in turn presents a wide option to customise discount promotions the way restauranteurs want it and when they want it. Contact us to find out more or to start an account today.

Image credits: Photo by Thirdman from Pexels

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