FoodVillage QR Ordering Streamlined My Restaurant’s Workflow

FoodVillage makes receiving and processing pickup, delivery and dine-in orders with QR ordering so much easier. Before this, we used to receive orders through the phone and it was always a hassle to keep track of them. With FoodVillage’s food ordering system, we no longer have to worry about missing orders or getting confused with the different orders that come in.

The user interface is very simple and easy to handle. My workers have no problem navigating the system and processing the orders. Even my customers find it easy to place their orders through the platform. It has definitely helped to make the ordering process smoother and more efficient for everyone.

The best part? I no longer need to micromanage my staff because everything is processed through the platform. It’s created a more trusting work environment and streamlined our daily operations.

I highly recommend FoodVillage to anyone looking to simplify their ordering and delivery process.

Colin Yap
Outlet Manager, Rail Canteen

About Rail Canteen

QR Menu

Rail Canteen is a café restaurant that prides itself on its local fair and coffees. Kluang, the birthplace of Rail Canteen, is the origin of their coffee beans, which are roasted with time-honoured techniques. The establishment’s menu is extensive, with a variety of dishes ranging from classic nasi lemak and nasi goreng to spicy mee goreng and the decadent Ice Cream Bun dessert.

We have simplified the ordering process for customers with our user-friendly online store as well as table-specific QR ordering, allowing for easy access to Rail Canteen’s menu. Those seeking a scrumptious meal with authentic local flavours in a warm and welcoming environment need look no further than Rail Canteen. Click to visit the Rail Canteen’s store.

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