Online Ordering System

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The Ultimate turnkey food delivery solution

Launch Your Online Food Delivery Service In Just Days Without Commissions!

Tired of multiple systems and the high costs of managing them all? Now there’s an affordable alternative.

Key Features In One Commission-Free System


Customers will be able to easily pickup 'now' orders or at a later time with real-time confirmation.


Customise delivery times, zones and charges with auto-triggers to popular delivery services.


Customers can place orders directly from their table via QR code which can be password protected.

Table Reservation

Manage reservations in real-time, giving customers a premium service experience.

Who is this system suitable for?

No Existing Website

Start receiving orders within hours by simply linking to your store hosted by us. We can build a branded web store for you too.

Non-Transactional Website

Link to your store with your own domain hosted or link to your store hosted by us.

Web Store With only delivery & Pickup

Get a system make-over and enable Dine-In ordering and Table Reservations.

Upscale With iOS & Android Apps

Build your brand with your own iOS and Android mobile app.

How your F&B Business will benefit from this system


Customer Experience

Present a system that is made specifically for F&B that is rich in features yet user-freindly, that will keep customers coming back and spending more.

operations optimisation

Easy Backend Management System​

Managing orders and bookings will be a breeze from now on with the easy to use interface, while automating customer order updates.


Monitoring & Promotions for growth

Never drive your business blind again. With a fully integrated system that marries real-time analytics and powerful promotions that drive sales.

unrivaled value

100% Commission Free with 0 Contracts

Pay a flat monthly fee with no contracts. Though we're cost-effective, cheap is not what you are looking for but the amazing value you receive per RM.

Feature-Rich Customer Experience

Customer Centric User Experience & User Interface


With a single design, your site will be optimised for all platforms and devices.

Intuitive & Easy Ordering

Adding items to the shopping cart couldn't be any easier when you can add an item to cart with just two clicks without leaving the page.

Easy Navigation

Breeze through the entire menu in the mobile version with just a few scrolls as each product can be viewed by category or sub category.

Social Logins

Simplify the login process with just 2 clicks with Facebook or Google accounts. Customers no longer have to remember passwords the next time they login.

Easy & Fast Checkout

Our system will recognise your customer with or without an account when they shop with you again with details pre-filled in the form during checkout.

Order History

Logged in customers can easily view their order history and re-order the same items with just a few clicks.

Add Ons or choice of Ingredients

More beef, prawns, cheese and toppings? No issues, simply add it to the dish with an additional charge for each option.

Order Variants

Set variants for spice level or size at the same or different prices. Or a dish with different options of meat.

Cross Sells

Provide greater value with a paired side dish or dessert right from the product selection panel.

Helpful Tags

Help customers make a faster decision through the ordering process with icons that indicate if a dish is gluten-free, halal, spicy, vegan or just about anything you can think of.

Dine-In Ordering

Customers can place orders directly from table-specific QR codes which can be password protected.​

Multi-Lingual Ordering

Open your business to the rest of the world with several customer selected language translations. Example: Internationals buying for a friend within your serviceable zone.

real-time feedback

Customers can view the status of their order or bookings live. From order sent, confirmed, estimated time, ready, en route to completed.

Automated emailed receipts

Customers automatically receive customised pdf receipt emails on confirmed orders. Tip: Get them coming back with a coupon code inserted into the receipt.


Our system has been updated to allow for contactless delivery as an option AND contactless dine-in ordering.

Payment Options

Secure Payment Gateways

Compatible with globally recognised payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, GKash & iPay88.

Bank to bank FPX payments

Receive FPX & e-Wallet payments with Gkash or iPay88.

Cash Payments

Turn on cash payments for any form of order type you choose.

Easy Backend Management System

Manage Orders From Your Laptop

or from your tablet

Easy Order Management

Easy Order Management

Easy Admin Management

Provide each outlet manager and staff varying access levels to run operations in their respective roles.

Order Notifications

Receive automated order notifications via email or audio alerts to you on your their toes.

Order Status & Updates

Easily track the status of each order or booking. Every order type is distinguished by icons and status by color. Customers receive real-time status automatically with each update.


Reduce the management load or head count by automating predictable order statuses, such as order confirmations, wait times, etc for each order type.

Real-time Orders

'Now' orders can be made during operational hours. The order manager simply has to accept and indicate the estimated delivery time.

Order Printing & Kitchen Notification

Automatically print orders to multiple printers simultaneously and wirelessly with a compatible thermal printer within seconds. Customised for the Kitchen and another for customers.

Order Sequencing

Every single order is organised in sequence displaying which orders are due and when. Urgent orders are highlighted in red.

Downloadable Order List

Download the order list by date range, order type (now or later) or service type (pickup, delivery or dine-in). Select or unselect data fields to customise the data to suit your requirements.

Detailed Delivery Status

View detail status of each delivery in real-time on a map, such as a rider's pickup confirmation, location (from your outlet and destination) and contact information.

Delivery Order & Store Management

Delivery Order Management

Accurate Delivery Times

Customers are provided with accurate delivery wait times that take into consideration the time it takes to prepare food along with the driving time

Delivery Trigger Management

Automatically trigger deliveries with Lalamove with live driver and delivery status information with just a single click.

Charge & Limit Delivery Range

Set multiple shipping charge structures by radius. From the very start, the system intelligently prevents orders for locations beyond your serviceable area.

Store Management

Powerful stock management

Choose what products appear or hidden by outlet. Or set a Sunday only lunch set that appears only during lunch time on Sundays.

Fully Customisable Settings

Every feature can be turned on or off with customisable operational hours, time intervals, and more.

Multiple Taxes

Apply multiple taxes to prices either inclusive or exclusive of tax, which can also be compounding.

Age Restriction Customer Management​

Age Restriction Customer Management

Age Verification

Turn on the age restriction feature to only allow minimum aged customers, after staff have verified submitted ID.

Manage Approvals

With the acquired customer data, restrictions can be removed in the future when customer meets age requirements.

Age Restricted Menus

Only approved customers will be able to order from specific age-restricted items while not affecting regular orders.

Monitor, analyse & market for growth

Centralised Control & Analytics

Centralised Control For Multiple Outlets

Centralised Management

Remotely manage and view real-time sales analytics of multiple outlets so marketing decisions can be made on the fly.

Multi-Outlet Management

Manage what you provide per outlet. From menus, inventory, offers, promotions, pricing, hours, delivery, pickup to reservations and more.

Conditional Fees

Configure fees based on order types by percentage and fix value. Charging a $0.30 + 3% fee for credit card usage for example.

Digitise Your Menu

Forget static, dated menus along with the cost and trouble involved updating them. Change items, prices and combos per outlet on the fly. Isn't it no wonder market leaders are already doing so.

Multiple Conditional Menus

Create a master menu across all stores or specific ones. Add conditions for menus that show up based on order times or type: breakfast menu, dinner menu, pickup, delivery.

Allergy-Friendly Customisation

Some customers may have an aversion or allergy to certain ingredients such as peanuts or shellfish for example. Now they can choose to exclude them from a particular dish.

Multiple Taxes

Apply multiple taxes to prices either inclusive or exclusive of tax, which can also be compounding.

Infinitely Scalable System

You want a system that will have the room to grow as you grow. Add unlimited number of outlets and menu offerings.

Customer Data Download

Your customer data is exclusively yours. Download customer data in CSV or Excel format.

Never Drive Blind Again With Data Analytics & Tracking

Detailed Reports

Retrieve real-time detailed reports that will present you with the relevant data for marketing and to evaluate each campaign.

Facebook Pixel Integration

Capture all Facebook Pixel events to gauge your marketing ROI with Facebook advertising.

Google Analytics Integration

Monitor online visitor data such as traffic, conversion rates, AOV, trends, top selling products and more with Google Analytics.

Problem-Free Transition & Scalability

A Problem-Free Transitional Turn-Key Solution

No Web Store? No Problem

With product names, description & pricing ready you can literally start selling within an hour. Forget about buying a domain or hosting plan. We will host it with the same subscription cost.

Want your own Brand? That's Fine Too

We'll get you your own or use your existing domain and host your new store for you.

Don't want A redesign? We've got you covered!

Leave your existing website untouched except for a Buy Now button from your existing website to your new web store without any redesign.

Infinitely Scalable System That Grows With You

100% Commission Free With Zero Contracts

Keeping Costs Low To Optimise Profits

Zero Commissions

Take ownership of your own enterprise level Food Ordering & Reservation System and keep your revenues as well with no commissions.

Zero Contracts

Subscriptions are only a month long. Upgrade or downgrade your subscriptions to suit your needs or budget.

Budget-Friendly Subscriptions

Contact us to view our subscriptions plans to find a plan that fits your growth requirements or for a customised plan.

Discount & Promotion Features

Some Of The Discount & Promotion Features
That Grow Conversions & Average Order Values

% or value discount on cart

% or dollar discount on your total cart value, usually combined with a condition like minimum ordering amount.

Discount on selected items or Categories

For example: 20% off on any dessert, drink or all salads.

Buy One, Get One Free

Buy a main dish and get the second for free.

Get a FREE item

For example: Free drink on any order above $50.

Meal bundle

Offer a selection of dishes at a fixed price. For example: Any 2 appetisers + 2 mains + 2 desserts = for $19!

Buy 2 or 3, get one free

For example: Buy two main dishes and get the third for free.

Coupon Free promotion

Remove the hassle of coupon codes and automatically apply promotion.

Free item as part of a meal

For example: Free dessert or drink if you purchase a meal bundle.

Free deliveries

Automatically triggers free delivery for orders over a certain cart value.

Time or Unit Bound Offers

Create urgency for visitors to act on offers with deadlines and limited uses.

Members only Promotion

Grow your contact list by encouraging online account signups with member exclusive discounts. Its time to grab back your customers.

Auto-trigger Offers

Remove the hassle of coupon codes and automatically apply promotion.

Take Back Control Over Your Business

Consolidate All Your Services With One Seamless Brand User Experience

Your Business, Your Brand

Customers deserve to have a singular brand experience when shopping with you, instead of a fragmented one with every service they choose. Imagine the customers you have already lost from the convoluted brand experience during their retail journey.

Your Business, Your Domain

Every store you create with us is directed to a subdomain under your primary domain, with compliance to your Corporate Image and brand. Customers can now bookmark the link of the closest outlet under your brand.

Your Customers, Your Data

Take back ownership and control of your customers data. All customer details, orders and booking information can be downloaded in CSV format. View the purchase history of each registered customer.


Your Own Branded Mobile App

Take your business to the next level with your own downloadable Apple and Android mobile app.

Food & Beverage businesses with its own branded mobile app experience a boost in customer loyalty — with a 10% increase in order frequency per diner!

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