QR Menus For F&B In Malaysia

Increase speed & efficiency while reducing staffing cost

QR Menu

Don't Get Left Behind

Times are changing and customers expect to be able to order food from their smartphones at the tap of a button. A digital menu can help your restaurant keep up with the latest trends and satisfy your customers’ shopping habits.

McDonald’s USA Invested $6 Billion For A Total Makeover & Digitisation

The makeover in 2019 included upgrades such as self-order kiosks, mobile ordering, curbside pickup, and vibrant digital menu boards. 

64 %

Sales Uplift

Digital Menus Can Contribute An Increase In Sales By A Jaw-Dropping 64%!

How Your Business Will Benefit With Our Digital Menu

Lightning Speed Service

With a virtual waiter at each table all the time, customers can place their dine-in orders at any time.

Serve More Customers

When customers are served faster, you will be able to serve more customers with the same amount of dining space.

Fast Menu Changes

Changes to the prices, availability and discounts in the menu can be made quickly and reflected on the front end.

Capturing Data Analytics

Every order is captured to empower you to understand customer behaviour and to better grow your sales.

Table Specific QRs

Every table is designated a unique QR with a fully customisable name revealing the location of each order.

Lower Cost

Save on multiple menu printouts that deteriorate. Reduce the number of staff while increasing efficiency.

Save On Fees

Provide an option for customers to pay at your cashier in cash or card payment terminal.

Zero Commissions

We do not charge any fees or commissions regardless of the number of orders you receive.

How We Are The Better Choice

Order Printouts

Receive immediate order printouts wirelessly to multiple printers and various locations or even remotely at HQ.

Designated Printouts

A specific order category like drinks can be printed at the drink station while the front of house receives a complete printout.

Ordering Ahead

Customers can place paid orders in advance so that they can dine immediately on arrival.

Time Specific Menu

Have a menu that is only available for dine-ins on Sunday from 3 to 4pm? Or any combination you can think of? No problem.

Customer Data

Turn on the option to capture customer data with each order and greet them by name when the food is delivered.

Discount Offers

Offer a discount coupon or reward customers with an auto-triggered discount.

All-In-One System

More than just dine-in orders, you can receive table reservations as well as orders for takeaway and delivery.


The power is in your hands. If a particular feature doesn't fit your business model, simply turn it off.

User-Friendly Interface

Our menus are multi-platform ready and eliminates endless scrolling with convenient navigation with a simple tap.

Product Search

Customers can search for specific dishes or beverages that want with the search feature.

Large Images

A picture does paint a thousand words! Unlike other digital menus, we provide the option for large product images.

Social Login

Customers can order as a guest or login with Facebook or Google without the need to recall passwords.

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