FoodVillage Varying Staff Access Levels

How Varying Staff Access Levels Benefits Restaurant Operations

One of the FoodVillage features that our clients love is the ability to manage varying staff access levels to the backend of the store. Restauranteurs are able to manage the access levels to the backend of the store based on the specific role of each staff.

1. Clearly Defined Roles

Providing clearly defined staff access levels affirms that staff are clear of their roles and have no access to view other parts of the backend of the store. So for example, your accountant will only be able to view and download the order list. While a table reservation manager would only be able to view the Table Reservation Dashboard.

2. Varying Staff Access Levels By Outlets

A regional manager can be provided access to all or some outlets while an outlet manager would only have access to the respective outlet. The accounts department would have access to all outlets or some depending on how your business is structured.

3. Managing Security Clearance Levels

Defining these roles ensures that only managerial staff have access to edit the keys to the payment gateway integration, editing order type settings, rights to delete orders or customer data and view sales data analytics. While the order fulfilment staff will only have access to the Order Dashboard and nothing else.

Another sensitive data of a store is its menu as the information and prices are client-facing. So the best arrangement for this is to only provide menu editorial rights to respective branch store managers.

4. Greater Accountability

The FoodVillage platform logs the activity of the staff for order fulfilment management. This will provide you with the needed transparency of the activity of your staff. The log records what and when an activity was executed. Locking the ability to cancel orders prevents any order fulfilment staff from cancelling orders in order to pocket a cash payment.

As you can see with this feature alone, FoodVillage is an enterprise-level food and beverage ordering platform but we’ve made it within the reach of any food and beverage business. Contact us to find out more or to start an account today.

Image credits: Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

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